Sony A6100 hooked up to a Heil PL2T Microphone Boom Arm suspended dowards

Mount a camera on a microphone boom arm for WFH video conferencing – adjustable and shock isolation for a standing desk

Issue: I needed a way to mount my MILC (Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera) [Sony A6100 w/ Sigma 16mm f1.4], on a movable mount, that was physically isolated from my adjustable standing desk. My standing desk has a small wobble (rocking/sway), as most standing desks do. If you bump the desk it would move the camera that was attached to the desk, noticeable on my video conferencing calls. This camera mount setup allowed the camera height to be adjustable, so I could put the desk in standing or sitting mode. It also attached the camera to the windowsill / wall behind my desk, so the camera was physically isolated from the desk and wouldn’t jiggle when the desk moved.

Solution: Mount the camera on a microphone boom arm, allowing movement for the camera. Mount the boom arm off of the standing desk, allowing shock isolation.

Equipment Used: (Total costs $137 – $166)

Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Broadcast Boom ($109) – Includes the desk clamp. Other options are the Rode PSA1 and Blue Compass.

In depth comparison of mic arms – Epos Vox
Universal Flex Tilt Head Z Mount Bracket ($19) – If you mount the camera above the boom arm, you may not need this piece, but I wanted the camera to be suspended, below the mic arm, in front of my computer screen. Suspending the camera allows the camera to be closer to the computer window you are viewing, generating better perceived eye direction for the remote viewer. Previously I also had a ball-head adapter on it, but removed it because it was unnecessary. With this bracket and microphone boom arm, you get adjustment of all 3 angles. Tilt from the bracket, pan from the microphone arm.
Threaded Adapter to convert from Mic Stand to Tripod ($9) – This converts the threading on the microphone boom arm from 5/8″ to 1/4″ (or 3/8″) found on the Z Mount Bracket and camera bottom. Screw the adapter into the Z Mount Bracket.

Optional Hardware: If you need a permanent mount instead of a desk clamp mount (included with the microphone boom arm).

Heil Sound FL-2 Permanent Flange Mount ($29) – Screwed in mount, instead of a desk clamp, if you don’t need the additional height to accommodate a standing desk
Heil Sound RS-1 12″ Riser for PL2-T Overhead Broadcast Boom ($29) – I use this to raise the mounting surface by 12 inches, so it can better reach over my monitors, and accommodate the height of the desk in standing mode.
Heil Sound WM-1 ($25) – Vertical surface mount for walls, etc.

Other parts I currently use in this setup:

Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable – 6ft, 10ft, 15ft, 25ft ($9)- Skip adapters (Micro HDMI to HDMI) to reduce troubleshooting if possible, and decrease stress on camera Micro HDMI connector on the camera. This cable does 4K, has a small connector, and is flexible. I used 10 feet.
Dummy Battery / AC Adapter for Sony A5100, A6100, etc ($29)- Prevents overheating, damaging the battery, and allows for unlimited runtime. It has a long cable for running down the boom arm. Also available in USB Version ($21)
Elgato HD60 S+ HDMI to USB Capture (~$200) – Get the HD60 S+ instead of the HD60 S. The +/Plus works as a native UVC device to the computer, so it looks like a web camera to Webex/Zoom/Skype/etc, and has better Mac compatibility. List price is $200, but availability can be limited. If not available on Amazon, check, (put in your email address to be notified of availability), or Previously I had the Elgato Cam Link 4K, but it would not work with my computer. After troubleshooting with Elgato technical support, Elgato replaced it with a HD60 S+ for free. (Comment below if you would like a future article on this)
Cheap HDMI USB 2.0 Capture Device (~$12) – I use this capture device on my secondary wide camera angle, GoPro Hero 7 Black. 1080p30. The color is a bit worse compared to the Elgato, however this can be slightly adjusted software, Saturation=125. Only does MJPEG in transit. Overall it’s a great value for the money. Uses the Macrosilicon MS2109 chip. (Comment below if you would like a future article on this)
The Amazon listings for this item change frequently. This is a link to the best sellers. They are all pretty much the same if it look like this.


  • The camera, lens, and mounting hardware need to be within the supported weight range of the microphone boom arm. The Heil Sound PL2T is specified at up to 2.5 lbs. Rode and Blue microphone boom arms have similar specs. This setup will work fine for most Mirrorless, DSLR and Web cams.
  • The microphone boom arm should be securely mounted. I used longer (2.5 inches) wood screws than was supplied with the permanent mounts. It is mounted on the window sill connected to the wall studs beneath. Another option is to use drywall mounting screws.

Prices listed are reasonable street prices. Some products may be unavailable on Amazon or prices may be higher than listed.

This is the setup that I currently use in my Work From Home (WFH) office. All products were purchased.

Another Option, I use for a different setup/machine:
Webcam Stand Camera Mount with Phone Holder ($30) – For a different setup, I didn’t need quick adjustability, but didn’t want to go with the ubiquitous gooseneck mounts. This one works great at holding a lightweight camera in a fixed location.
Another Option, that I haven’t personally tried yet:
5ft Articulating Arm Camera Mount ($150) – Longer at 5 feet, 3 articulating arm segments vs 2. Includes the hardware for a desk clamp mount. Also includes the hardware for mounting the camera and a light. Probably better if you need more reach or adjustments over the microphone boom arm, or are ok with only a clamp mount.

Does a different or better setup work for you? Do you have questions? Please comment below.

Updated – 2/Aug/2021. Fixed Links and Images. Cleaned up text. One year later I’m still using this setup and love it. If I were to rebuild it from scratch I would purchase everything the same.

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